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Kewpie Running Team

Well dad started again to run, partly because I asked him to help my training and as long as his old team is not the same as it’s used to be in the past he decided to make our little kerub, who has the infinite powers of cuteness, the main icon and person in charge.

Yes, Father run under 40 minutes a 10k with Kewpie and a cotton T-Shirt

Trail running and purity…

Interestingly, my father’s initial foray into the world of running took place amidst the picturesque mountains.

One of his earliest “competitions” involved scaling the majestic Pico del Gorbea, where he secured the second position, just a step behind the victor. Or the first one who loses…

Due to his deep-rooted belief in the essence of pure running, he has never been particularly captivated by the realm of amateur races. It would be incorrect to assert that he despises it, though. In fact, even when I was merely eight years old, he sought to introduce me to the discipline during our time in the Australian desert.

Furthermore, during our adventures in an untamed location in Thailand, he relentlessly sought a path from one side of the island to the other, disregarding all cautionary advice and defying the conventional Water Taxi.

Kewpie running Barcelona

Midnight Trail Barcelona

Nonetheless, driven by the gracious invitation of a training comrade, who generously provided him with a race entry, he decided to make his debut in a professional mountain race, specifically the Barcelona MidNight Trail. And, of course, he brought along Kewpie, much to the bewilderment of the audience and Kewpie himself, who undoubtedly had more pressing matters at hand.

All that you can see is money spent in sport shoes, what a waste.

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