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The same day that summer starts fifty years ago Miffy was born. Father bunny told me the story about my favourite character:

“A little bunny character known for its large round face, far-set beady eyes, and small X-shaped mouth. She came to life in 1955 when Dick Bruna, a Dutch writer of children’s books, created the first book featuring the now-famous rabbit.”

She is very popular in Asia (specially Japan) but not here in Europe (except in Holland where a lot of children read “nijntje” books. – poorly updated, the 21st nothing special was displayed and even now it says “it will be” .

This is better for me, here in BCN no little monster would like to put his hands over my ears.

New blog post updated in 2023 – additional information

At first we thought She (Miffa) was a Japanese character and we didn’t recognize Dick Bruna’s character Miffy, that a is very popular in Japan and in Asia but is Dutch (close to Miffa’s new home)

At some time we received a letter from them asking to cease and desist and therefore we changed the name and stop to write about certain things

Father was truly upset when that happened.

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