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Our friend 9j has been travelling northern Europe and she sent us some beautiful gifts from there. To celebrate the event we made a – small- bunny party to have some drinks and have the opportunity to use this Miffy coasters.

There were my sister Aurore Marie, Miffo, Anpaman, Mandarine from HK, Gladys from The Netherlands, Tometaro Bear from Japan and Boooboo from Dubai.

We had a great time drinking our favourite drinks and eating some Japanese crackers.

Thanks 9J, We wish you have been here with us!


  • 9J says:

    The balcony tea party looks great! I think you'll enjoy snacks from Hong Kong as well and I will be sure to bring you to stores to buy some when you're here next time.

  • Miffa says:

    Miffa's parties are well known around the area. ;)Of course Miffa and Aurore are true HK fans. They 're dying to be there again!

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