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They laugh at miffa: Pingüi Sorensen

Miffa, is curious bunny who loves to explore new places and living new adventures, she was fascinated by the natural habitat of penguins during his trip to Antarctica.

These magnificent creatures are known as the “birds of the ice” and are loved by many. However, the general perception that penguins only live in extremely cold environments is incorrect. Although they live only in the southern hemisphere, they can also be found in places like Ecuador.

Mr. Bürung was in the Antarctica with Miffa.
He was Pingüi science teacher

Miffa has quite a few penguin friends, including Pingüi, who is a world-famous former Olympic swimmer in her bunny world, having won 38 gold medals in the Olympic Waterfowl Games.

But He is Norwegian, and we were not aware that penguins are not found in the Arctic. When Miffa shared this information with the marine biologists on board the expedition ship during her trip to Antarctica, they laughed at her and declared that it was impossible for a penguin to be Norwegian.

This upset Miffa, who apologized saying that she must not ask her friends about their passports, but our father came up with a solution. He suggested that Pingüi may have been adopted, which is common in zoos that adopt orphan or injured marine birds / marine life.

When reality surpasses fiction

Recently, I stumbled upon a story on Instagram that caught my attention. The Royal Guard in Norway has a penguin knight who belongs to a lineage of penguins that are rightfully part of the country’s Royal Guard, near the North Pole.

Chinstrap penguin
Chinstrap penguin spotted by Miffa and her team

Despite people’s skepticism about Miffa’s claims regarding Pengui’s Olympic achievements, reality is often stranger than fiction. Sir Nils Olav, a penguin in Norway, has been granted the rank of knight and is a high-ranking officer in an elite unit of the Norwegian army.

Penguins are fascinating creatures that are often misunderstood. They are not limited to living in extreme cold environments, as they can be found in various regions of the southern hemisphere. Furthermore, as the story of Sir Nils Olav demonstrates, these birds can also have surprising connections to human society, stories that we will like to share with you with Sir Nils and other famous penguins


  • Who is Sir Nils Olav?
  • How did he become a Royal Norwegian Guard’s official?
  • Overview of the article

Sir Nils Olav’s Background

  • Sir Nils Olav’s breed and origin
  • How did he end up in Edinburgh Zoo?
  • Sir Nils Olav’s personality and behavior

The Royal Norwegian Guard’s Connection

  • Why did the Royal Norwegian Guard choose Sir Nils Olav?
  • The first encounter between Sir Nils Olav and the Royal Norwegian Guard
  • Sir Nils Olav’s knighthood ceremony
  • Sir Nils Olav’s promotion and new rank in the Royal Norwegian Guard

Sir Nils Olav’s Popularity

  • Sir Nils Olav’s media coverage and fame
  • Sir Nils Olav’s fans and followers
  • Sir Nils Olav’s merchandise and souvenirs

The Importance of Sir Nils Olav’s Role

  • The significance of Sir Nils Olav’s appointment
  • Sir Nils Olav’s contribution to the Royal Norwegian Guard’s image
  • Sir Nils Olav’s impact on the conservation of penguins

Sir Nils Olav’s Future

  • Sir Nils Olav’s retirement and successor
  • Sir Nils Olav’s legacy and commemoration


Sir Nils Olav is a king penguin who resides in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland, that makes the story even more unconventional as he lives abroad. He is not an ordinary penguin, he has a unique and prestigious role in the Royal Norwegian Guard.

Sir Nils Olav has been appointed as an official mascot and colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard since 1972.

Becoming ‘Sir’ Nils Olav in 2008, in the presence of 130 guardsmen
Picture Edinburgh zoo

How did a penguin from Scotland become a representative of a foreign military unit? Let’s dive into Sir Nils Olav’s fascinating story.

Sir Nils Olav’s Background

Sir Nils Olav is a king penguin, a species native to the sub-Antarctic islands. He was born in 2008 in Edinburgh Zoo, where he has been living ever since. Sir Nils Olav is described as a sociable and curious penguin who enjoys interacting with zookeepers and visitors. He has a distinctive look with a bright orange-yellow spot on his head and a regal posture that catches people’s attention. Although he is tall, it’s shorter than his cousins the Emperor penguins that are more than one meter high and live in Antarctica too when not enrolled in the military.

The Royal Norwegian Guard’s Connection

The Royal Norwegian Guard is an elite military unit responsible for the protection of the Norwegian Royal Family and Oslo’s Royal Palace. In 1972, the Norwegian King’s Guard was visiting Edinburgh to participate in the Military Tattoo, a yearly event showcasing international military bands. During their stay, they stumbled upon Edinburgh Zoo and Sir Nils Olav caught their eye. The soldiers were so impressed by the penguin’s charm and dignity that they decided to adopt him as their mascot.

The first encounter between Sir Nils Olav and the Royal Norwegian Guard was a casual visit, but it marked the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. The Norwegian King’s Guard has been visiting Sir Nils Olav regularly since then, bringing him gifts and promoting him to higher ranks in their unit. In 2008, on Sir Nils Olav’s 50th birthday, he was knighted by the Norwegian King’s Guard in a grand ceremony, becoming Sir Nils Olav the Penguin, Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard.

Sir Nils Olav’s Popularity

Sir Nils Olav, the penguin who lives in a Scottish zoo and is a Royal Norwegian Guard official, has captured the hearts of people worldwide. His popularity has only continued to grow since he received his knighthood, which drew the attention of media outlets across the globe.

Sir Nils Olav’s Media Coverage and Fame

Sir Nils Olav’s knighthood ceremony was a highly publicized event that gained significant media coverage. As a result, Sir Nils Olav became a global sensation and a symbol of the special relationship between Scotland and Norway.

Since his knighthood, Sir Nils Olav has been featured in numerous articles, TV shows, and social media posts, showcasing his unique status.

Sir Nils Olav’s Fans and Followers

Sir Nils Olav has amassed a large following of fans and followers from around the world. People are fascinated by him, and many have even made trips to the Edinburgh Zoo just to catch a glimpse of him. He has become a beloved figure, with fans expressing their affection through social media posts and messages.

Sir Nils Olav’s Merchandise and Souvenirs

Sir Nils Olav’s popularity has not gone unnoticed by the merchandising industry, and there is now a range of merchandise and souvenirs available for fans to purchase. From plush toys to t-shirts and mugs, there is something for everyone. The proceeds from the sales of Sir Nils Olav merchandise go towards the care and conservation of penguins and other animals at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Sir Nils Olav’s importance

Sir Nils Olav’s appointment as a colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard may seem like a novelty or extravaganza, but it has significant meaning to both the Royal Norwegian Guard and the conservation of penguins.

Sir Nils Olav represents the strong ties between Scotland and Norway, and his role helps promote the positive image of the Norwegian King’s Guard. Furthermore, Sir Nils Olav’s knighthood ceremony and his status as a colonel-in-chief have brought attention to the conservation of penguins and their habitats.

Sir Nils Olav’s story inspires people to care for and protect these fascinating creatures.

Sir Nils Olav’s future

Sir Nils Olav is currently living a comfortable life in Edinburgh Zoo, but his retirement and successor have been a subject of discussion. The Royal Norwegian Guard has assured that Sir Nils Olav will be replaced by another penguin from Edinburgh Zoo when he retires, and the tradition of appointing a penguin as a colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard will continue.

Edinburgh Zoo has even erected a bronze statue of him to commemorate his knighthood.

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Sir Nils Olav’s story is a testament to the unique and unexpected relationships that can form between animals and humans, in this case penguins that has proven quite evolved and smart animals who can even recognize themselves on a mirror and have quite elaborated language structures.

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