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The one of us who have no airport to build a circuit in UK, like Top Gear, settle with riding on their roads.

I had more fun in New Zealand with the Falcon Mark II Xr6, but I blew two rear tires.

Side notes to this post

During our time in the UK, which lasted for three or four years mostly in the summer, I attended summer camps and school activities while my father drove extensively. Some years, he drove over 4000 miles around the Midlands, discovering windy country roads that he enjoyed cruising in various rental cars, including two Mercedes S-Class vehicles. We always enjoyed listening to our favourite radio station, BBC Radio 1, on these road trips.

Among the rental cars my father drove were a Ford Mondeo, several Volvos (including his favourite, the XC70), and one Citroën DS3 that he used for a commissioned project.

The song in the Radio

Our song in the car’s radio flagged Youtube Copyright (this was more than 10 years ago) and for those of you who like it, here it’s the new version.

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