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Moving from blogger

For over sixteen years Miffa Chan has been traveling and using her blog as a travel diary, she has attracted readers around the world with its stories of adventure and discovery.

But with our outdated blogger site that no longer meets the needs of today’s readers, it was time to revamp the blog and take it to a next level.

Social media and new trends when it comes to maintain an online presence probably makes this new blog unnecessary but we will like to gather all the material my Father and Miffa put together and in some cases restore and update it.

Join us for old and new content

We will like you to Join us on this exciting journey as we rebuild Miffa Chan’s blog from an old, clunky blogger site to a modern, sleek, self-hosted platform.

With the new blog, we’ll be able to share Miffa’s adventures in even more detail and with even greater impact. With cutting-edge features like mobile responsiveness, fast loading times, and enhanced security, readers will be able to enjoy Miffa’s stories like never before.

So come along for the ride and experience the transformation of Miffa Chan’s blog.

An Example: giving a new life to old pictures

Back in 2005, digital cameras had limited capabilities in terms of resolution and image processing. This means that images captured by digital cameras of that time were likely of lower quality compared to images captured by modern cameras.

Additionally, the image file formats of that time may have also been limited, which may have resulted in further loss of image quality during post-processing.

Not to mention internet speed and connection availability while traveling

Original image taken with a NIKON D70 5 Megapixels Camera
Image enlarged using AI interpolation software – click to enlarge and you will notice text is blurred
In this old picture of Miffa without her cap we used a Lumix 4 Megapixels and blogger resampled it to this 288 x 384 pixels width size. Image is 14 kb.
Image has been enlarged 4 times 768X 1024 pixels and it’s using a wepb format for web that uses only 43 kb. Note that noise and image quality are ok for screen display.

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