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Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is home to a stunning natural wonder known as the Martial Glacier. Located just a short drive from the city center, this glacier is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Ushuaia.

The History of the Martial Glacier in Ushuaia

The Martial Glacier is named after French explorer, Jules Martial, who was one of the first to discover the glacier in the late 19th century. The glacier has since been a popular attraction for visitors to Ushuaia, who come to marvel at its beauty and admire its stunning views of the surrounding mountains and ocean.

Exploring the Martial Glacier in Ushuaia

Visitors to the Martial Glacier have a variety of options for exploring this natural wonder. There are several hiking trails that lead up to the glacier, including the popular Pampa Alta trail, which offers stunning views of the glacier and the surrounding landscape.

For those who prefer a more leisurely experience, there are also guided tours available that take visitors on a boat tour of the nearby Beagle Channel, offering views of the glacier from the water. These tours often include stops at other nearby attractions, such as penguin colonies and sea lion colonies, making them a great way to see the best of what Ushuaia has to offer.

FAQs About the Martial Glacier in Ushuaia

  • Q: How do I get to the Martial Glacier? A: The Martial Glacier is located just a short drive from the city center of Ushuaia. Visitors can take a taxi or drive themselves, and there is a parking lot available at the trailhead.
  • Q: Are there any guided tours of the Martial Glacier? A: Yes, there are several companies that offer guided tours of the Martial Glacier and the surrounding area, including boat tours of the Beagle Channel.
  • Q: What should I wear when visiting the Martial Glacier? A: Visitors should wear comfortable, waterproof clothing and sturdy, closed-toe shoes when visiting the Martial Glacier. A hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are also recommended, as the sun can be intense in this southern location.


The Martial Glacier in Ushuaia, Fin del Mundo is a natural wonder that should not be missed by anyone traveling to this southern city. With its stunning views, diverse hiking trails, and unique location at the end of the world, the Martial Glacier is a true gem of Patagonia. Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply looking for a unique and beautiful experience, a visit to the Martial Glacier is sure to leave you with lasting memories of this incredible part of the world.

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