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This is the Mercedes flagship , said to us the guy in the rent a car company. Well, that wasn’t my idea of a nice car since I came here to test an Indian car (Jaguar) or a Land Rover, but they don’t have them anymore. May be adding oil everyday has a great impact in business profits.

Obviously the unit is an entry level 350 cdi diesel. Extras? electric sunroof, heated seats (no extra cost in UK) and bluetooth ready. That raises the bill up to 61,780 GBP – that it’s about 74.000 €. Not so bad, I would say that is cheap.

The car handles great with the standard airmatic suspension. It’s a very long car (more than five meters) but it doesn’t feel that long even in curvy roads. The only nightmare is to park it in some parking and of course on the street (parking guidance is standard).

Fuel Consumption? Great for such a big car. Around 8 liters in a real mixed city and road travel at legal speeds but using the more than 60 mkg torque all the time.

So good that i decided that this can be a good replacement car for me. Ok, there are some issues that we did not like it… but i will talk about that later.

Check the price in to figure up the price in Spain.

93.815 € 

For the same fuck*** car!!!!!!!

I need to take some air. 

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