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Let’s get some profits out of the economic crisis

By November 11, 20082 Comments

Everyday during past months and even now the newspapers and news talk about crisis, recession, economic problems and new disasters to come.

As you know my grandpa – who put me and my sister in an orphanage when we were born- is one of the richest individuals of Asia. Surely his remorse made him to put some money in a Swiss account to guarantee our education and future. Of course the rules to access that money were and still are very strict. As an example my sister Aurore has been living in a floating house in Aberdeen during three years and she didn’t even know about that money existence.

I managed to take over the money – now it’s not the time to explain how I did it- and I decided to invest it in some “cannot miss” opportunities. I have gone over some problem with my investments and my position is not very good. To explain it plain, I’ve lost almost 50 % of my little fortune.

Could you say that it’s a big catastrophe?

Well, may be a pain in the ass, while I wait to recover from my looses – Think that half a fortune is better than just a salary- I am living with my step parents, paying no rent, no food, no water, no nothing!

And the crisis is not as bad if you have some cash, fuel prices are going down, car vendors – worried about their sales dropping 40 % or more- offer you incredible prices (if you pay with real money or you have good credit)

My Aston needed some fixes and it’s not the kind of car you want to drive these days (May be someone thinks that I am banker and put the car on fire), so I decided to get a new little limo for me and Aurore Marie.

It’s a nice black Mercedes Benz CLS with little luxuries like a DVD player, footrest, working table and full leather interior. Blame me for being so hedonist but at least I have paid my car with my own money.


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